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Outside the box makeup artistry

DMacStudios Makeup

Outside the box makeup artistry


About Me

Hi there! I'm just your typical Earth Bound Muse. You'll find me doing Makeup most of the time, but that's just the spring board of my true calling. The biggest reason I do what I do, is to inspire others. What better way to do that, then when you've got them sitting in a chair for 30 minutes at your mercy?

If you don't live the life at all times, then it's just a hobby. As a muse I endeavor to be creative at all times. So, when I'm not working (or sleeping) you'll find my little mittens in anything artistic. Music, Drawing, Coloring, Knitting...

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IMATS Vancouver 2012 - 2nd Place
Western Canada Fashion Week Spring 2013 - 3rd Place
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